Marina Porto Frade

Angra dos Reis




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Leisure and Exclusivity

The Marina Porto Frade came in the 70s into the most complete leisure area of Angra dos Reis.

The Frade is the most exclusive destination of the Southeast coast. A resort that combines the beauty of the sea and the Atlantic forest to a luxury infrastructure. No other Brazilian complex has marina, golf course, shopping center, fine dining and five-star hotel.

Freedom and Nature

It was proposed for the site of the Marina Porto Frade a new visual identity, reflecting at the graphical applications. In addition to creating maps and unique icons. It was developed a digital campaign based on the main attractions of the area and Marina, as freedom, exclusivity, location, nature and quality of services.


Worldwide users should be able to view the website. We’ve made it fully responsive and available on every device, making it readable in more than 20 languages.